Aquamelia offers a spectacular range of swimwear, beachwear and accessories. Whatever your style is, Aquamelia make sure to fulfills your expectations. For your summer vacation, hot destinations or any occasions, Aquamelia has it all!

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Store Founder

We love traveling together and cool off on the beach. Several times, a lot of people came to me by asking where I bought my bikinis or my beachwear. Both of us are passionate about fashion and hot destinations. My fiance came with the idea of sharing our love and great taste for bikinis by creating our brand. We are two visionary people who will always purchase our dreams to always do better.


Knowing that there’s a lot of style and taste in the world, we make sure to find products that our customers will like and feel comfortable in them. We always want to see more style of beach products to make your summer vacation or any occasions memorable. Our collection fit for anybody and the love we share for fashion and unique style, push us to make this collection a mix of taste by presenting a variety of swimwear and beachwear. As a women, when it comes to summer or vacation in hot destinations, I’m in love with my variety of beautiful and comfortable bikini, and I make sure to have a different kind of them! One of our mission will always be to find and create new products or promotions to satisfy most of the women!


We spent a year of research to find great suppliers and products that will represent our standards. One of our mission is to ensure our customers a safe method shipping and quality on our collection. Our collaboration with our suppliers and designers is important to us. We choose our products carefully so it may be suitable for everyone and for all the taste. Communication and sharing idea with the designers provide us new products we can add to our collection and promotions.


 As a couple, we share the same passion and same mission in our life. Both of us have really good individual skills who helps us working and managing our brand and idea. We are happy when we work together and share everything new. Our team has the same priorities regarding Aquamelia collection and the same value that we share. Being organize and loving what we do have remarkable effects on our managing work. Working on this collection provides us many moments of pleasure and beautiful trip. Teamwork and leadership are essential in the creation of Aquamelia collection and our team is excellent to make that work. 


it's about time to encourage everyone to become who they want to become and not the ones that society we live in, influence women on how they are supposed to become. Respect yourself and everyone around you. Be comfortable with your body and do not care about what others can say. Listen to yourself, concentrate your energy on who you really want to be and people who care about you. Dream big, never give up and be confident. Aquamelia team encourage women to always do better. All women are beautiful. To be successful, simply be who you are!

Be yourself, Be beautiful, Be Aquamelia.

It has been found that having physical activity provide multiple benefits for your body and mental health. It can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life and help you on being less stressed, more happy and having higher performance on many things in your like. Don't forget to have a good and balanced alimentation. Don't neglect your body, take care of it and start today to eat healthier to live longer! Aquamelia team encourage you to always do better!

Aquamelia team who encourage an healthy life