Bikini Styles - Top 10 By AquaMelia


Bikini Styles - Top 10 By AquaMelia

Introducing bikini styles you need

In this article, we will covert the newest and trending bikini styles.We're impatiently counting the days until we're able to escape to a tropical place, bring out our favorite beachwear and put on a new swimwear to size the beautiful beaches. As holiday is coming, many of you who lives in cold countries, will want to leave in warm weather. It's time to slay ladies! and dress for the islands in the coolest way.

Don't escape in the warm weather for holiday? Doesn't matter because what better bonus than a new type of swimsuits to keep you inspired and motivated all the way to summer!

We’ve got some classic styles of bathing suits that you can wear over and over again and still look gorgeous. Your search for the perfect swimwear or bikini set to start here as we put some bikini styles that fit for everyone and every body type!

When choosing your ultimate, statement bikini styles, it’s important to look for pieces that have one or two standout elements that you like, rather than pieces that attempt to combine them all. It may be too much, remember to keep it simple; Simplicity is the key to brilliance

The famous LBB 

As we know, black is an elegant color that never fade and that showcases any body shape. It looks great on everyone, goes with everything and most important in the fashion industry. We think that every woman must have a black swimwear or bikini and here's why!

  • Black suits for any location or occasion; girls night out, family weekends, beach party or traveling to Spain.
  • Black is proven by a lot of fashion blog to be the most flattering color on any skin tone.
  • Simplicity is key, we all love our swimwear and as a bikini lovers, we need thousands. But always find ourselves cherishing our little black bikini.
  • A basic black bikini bottom/ top are always useful for matching purposes. You can try different bikini styles by matching any color with black.
  • Most of the time, black bikini last longer than any other color bikini in terms of fading, stains because of the dark color. So LBB's are definitely worth the money you spend on them because it never fades.
  • For the days that you don’t want to worry about a potential “see through” situation, you can always rely on your little black bikini! 
  • Black is timeless, you’ll never get sick of it and neither will anyone else! It's always fashionable and you never make a mistake when you choose BLACK!
  • As said, it's a must in your closet. Elegant and classy, get your LBB for summer right now!

                                                                                    black bikini

The velvet trend

This year, there’s a trend that’s been featured heavily in the fashion industry: velvet clothing. These old favorite fabric and so comfortable are being paraded down the runway and featured in some of the biggest fashion publications. We highlighting outfits made from this sexy fabric, the famous cocktail dresses to beautiful velvet coats, we use it for any pieces of clothing. There’s something in particular people who love this fabric may have forgotten: swimwear!

Lovers of this fabric will fall in love with different kinds of swimsuits we offer. Whether you prefer a one-piece swimwear or a bikini set the velvet style will turn heads and leave you feeling good!

triangle top                                                                                   

This beautiful triangle top will catch anyone's attention! 

High-neck swimwear

Ladies of all ages and sizes are embracing the versatile raised-neck bathing suit trend for various fashion and personal reasons. You’ll notice this style in a wide array of women’s bikinis, tankinis, and one piece swimwear. Not everyone feels comfortable flaunting their cleavage in deep V cuts. The high-neck trend provides more coverage options for modest yet stylish looks. Water sports enthusiasts love activewear-inspired looks. These bikini styles are perfect for people who love sports and wants to move in a comfortable way in their swimsuit.

Rough waves? No problem with a high-neck bikini you are sure your top will not fall. One-piece swimsuits with high necklines provide the most overall covering and security. 

high neck bikini                             

High neck bikini, comfortable and stylish for any occasions!

One piece swimwear

No, they are not old-fashioned! One piece has come back with a vengeance, and as lovers of all swimwear we couldn’t be happier. The trend has taken the swimwear industry to another level by designing beautiful styles. It’s rare these days to see a collection without at least one piece, which is great because it offers a variety for everyone one and for every taste! As the trend grows the talented designers continue to surprise us. One piece is always great to pair with other items. They can take you straight from the pool to a party. The moderate coverage keeps it classy!

                                       sea dreamer

Different kinds of swimsuits we'll fall in love with! 

Off shoulder style

This new trend is absolutely stunning even if it's a dress, a top or a swimsuit, the off shoulder style is a must! You can feel good about showing this one off. (insert picture swimwear) Flaunt and accentuate your beautifully sculpted shoulders with flirty and trendy bikini or beachwear from our collections.

types of bikini tops                                     

   Shop different styles of bathing suits here!

Lace Up style

From bodysuits to bikinis, and shorts to sweatpants, even shoes! the sexiest trend of the season is here to stay. Romantic lace is a look that will never go out of fashion. It's sexy and elegant, great for any occasions and can be wear everywhere! On one piece swimsuit or bikini, the look is stunning! 


laced up one piece


This types of swimwear are amazing!                      

The crochet style

The crotchet trend may be a never ending one. We certainly are not going to get over these gorgeous suits anytime soon. It may be old in fashion, but still always cute to wear this bikini styles.

                  crochet style

The Brazilian bottom style

Ok! This is one of our favorite styles. No wonder Brazilians are known for their “butts” they have these amazing suits that shape them perfectly. This is not to say small bottoms can’t look great as well, it all depends on the setting and occasion. We think every girl should at least have one Brazilian bottom bikini. This sexy cut gives shape to any kind of booty! Whether you have a small booty or big booty, this bottom cut will do you wonders.

It will put you in confidence and wanting to show off your beautiful bikini styles. You should definitely give it a try and see by yourself!


   Can't resist having brazilian bathing suit bottoms


The Crossover style

A crossover style bikini has shoulder straps that cross over each other. These could be at the front or the back. They expose more of the shoulders but provide a good support for the breast. This bikini style is a new trend! (insert picture)

                                                                                    Bikini crossover

The Balconette/Balcony style

The balconette style has a straighter neckline when compared with styles like the plunge, with wider cups and wide set straps. The style is designed to maximize uplift without creating a pushed-together cleavage. It balances between comfort and support even with straps or without straps as a "bandeau style". It's a classic bikini style that fit for everyone!





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