Why is your company so keen on buying the Spanx swimsuits

The men’s swimsuits were the most popular item on sale at Spanx stores, and for good reason.

Spanx made a big deal of the product, and the swimsuits have been in stores since 2006.

Spanxtx was the first clothing brand to make a major splash in the women’s market with the first line of Spanx Swimwear.

Spanxes latest line of swimwear is a line called the “Creme Brulee,” and the company says that it’s made a ton of them.

The corset, swimwear, and accessories for the Creme Brulees range have all been designed and crafted in Italy, and Spanx has been on a major buying spree.

The brand says that they’ve purchased about 3,000 swimsuits for each model, and that it has more to come.

They also have about 40 pieces of swimsuits in stock.

Spanxs founder and CEO, Stefano Pessina, was also the CEO of the original Spanx, and he is known for being an ardent fan of the brand.

The Creme-Brulee range is a mix of corsets, underwear, and swimwear.

The company says they’re made in Italy and have been a favorite of the company for years.

In addition to making the corset-like swimsuits available in the new line, Spanx is making the products available to other brands.

For example, it recently announced that it was adding two new corset styles for its new line of shorts, the “Luna” and “Cup.”

Spanx isn’t the only clothing brand getting into the corsetry business, as some other companies are taking advantage of the trend.

A few years ago, J. Crew announced that they were making the first in-store corset available to consumers, and J.

Crew also made a splash when they opened their first in store corset shop, where they sold out within minutes.

The “Lunas” and Cup corsettes, though, are still quite a way off, and there’s not much of a market for them in the United States.

Spanxx’s new line is going to have to catch up to the trend for the new Creme Bianca, and it’s likely that J.crew will be the next to jump on the coretry bandwagon.

[H/t The Verge]

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