Aerie swimsuit sales hit record highs as swimwear brands like Aerie and Thong swimsuits soar

TechCrunch – The first half of 2017 saw a spike in the sales of the biggest female-owned swimwear brand Aerie, which was one of the hottest trends in 2017, according to an analysis of data from e-commerce website ShopRunner.

The increase was due in part to Aerie’s success on social media, with the brand gaining traction on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and its sales grew by a staggering 25.6 percent year-on-year to $11.3 million, the data shows.

That was also thanks to an influx of new customers, which boosted sales by $2.9 million, according the report.

The brands also saw a significant increase in the number of customers, with new accounts joining in on the sale and an average of nearly 2,000 new customers a day, ShopRunner found.

The growth was also driven by Aerie salespeople being more active on social and Instagram channels, and a new product line featuring a thong bikini.

The brand’s sales growth was aided by the launch of a new Thong bikini line in 2018, and sales increased from $6.9 in 2017 to $13.9 this year.

Aerie has since expanded the line to include swimsuits with an additional thigh-high skirt.

The Aerie brand is now the second-largest swimwear retailer in the US behind Dillard’s, with sales growing by 13.6 percentage points year-over-year.

However, it was the fastest-growing category for Aerie last year, growing 18.6 points year on year to $28.2 million, and that growth came even though sales were still down from the previous year, the report found.

The Thong brand is also growing at an incredible rate, with a 25.4 percent growth rate last year to reach $25.6 million, which is a new record for the brand, the research said.

The Thong is also the most popular swimwear for the second year running.

Thong sales jumped by 23.2 percent year on-year in 2017.

The brand also saw the most customers in the entire US last year.

In the US, the company’s overall sales were up 21.4 percentage points in 2017 from 2016, but its revenue per customer dropped by 7.5 percent, the study found.

“We are confident that the Thong will continue to grow in 2018 and beyond, especially in the United States, where the brand is well-positioned for a continued increase in growth,” the report added.

“We expect the Thongs sales to increase to $60 million by 2019 and $100 million by 2020.”

The rise in sales for the brands comes on top of a record-breaking year for the women’s swimwear category, with an increase of more than 50 percent in sales over the same period last year as the industry was shaken by the election of President Donald Trump.

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