5 Most Anticipated New Swimsuits in 2018

The fashion industry has been a major driver of the fashion industry over the past decade.

It is now a $1.4 trillion industry, with a $2 trillion market value.

In 2018, the trend of slimming swimwear and designer swimsuits has been gaining momentum.

These trends have been attracting a lot of attention and excitement.

The new trend in swimwear trends that will definitely be in our lives for years to come is the crop top, which has been on the rise and the trend has been really attracting attention.

The crop top has gained a lot in popularity recently.

In 2017, it was the No. 1 trend for women’s swimwear, according to the brand, L’Oreal.

This year, it became the top trend in men’s swimsuits for the first time, according, to brand, Wrigley.

This trend has taken off across the country, with some of the most notable companies being Wrigleys and W&M.

The brand, however, said in a statement, that it has no plans to go any further with the crop tops.

However, we are planning to offer more product in the future.

The trend has gotten a lot more attention from consumers, and it’s gaining a lot attention on social media.

The latest crop top trend is the Slimming Swimsuit, which features a slimming fit that is designed to be comfortable for all body types.

The company says that it is a very versatile swimsuit for women and men.

The Slimming swimsuit was created by L’OrĂ©al, which is the largest beauty brand in the world.

According to the statement, the slimming Swimwear was designed to fit all body sizes and shape and to provide a high level of protection.

The slimming shorts feature a waistband that wraps around the waist and can be worn on its own or as part of a dress.

The shorts have a sleek silhouette and are ideal for casual wear, and are designed to give a fit that makes them comfortable and stylish.

The dress features a short silhouette with a waist band that can be taken off to expose a fuller figure.

The size is a perfect fit, and the shorts are adjustable, according the statement.