Why Tulsi Gabbard’s new maternity swimsuit looks like a t-shirt

The former Democratic congresswoman is taking on the Zika virus as the first lady of the United States and she’s using her time as first lady to show off the new look.

Read moreTulsi Gazzaniga/Business Insider”My daughters and I both want to be able to go to the beach at least once a week.

And it’s a great opportunity for me to be in the public eye, to be at the beach and see them play with their kids, and to get that kind of exposure,” Gabbards daughter, Grace, told Business Insider.

“The first lady is so influential and we’ve just got to have a positive attitude.”

Gabbard has been working on her new maternity-style swimsuit for a couple of weeks and the first two sets were released on Friday.

“It’s a maternity swimwear that will keep your body and mind warm, but with a little extra help,” Gazzeniga said.

“So it’s the perfect swimsuit.”

Gazzanigas daughter Grace (left) and her mom, Tulsi (center), wear the new maternity maternity swim suit while wearing the T-shirt.

Tulsa Gabbarti/Business InternGazzany has been wearing the new T-shirts since March, when the brand launched it.

Gazzanias daughter, who is in kindergarten, was the first to get the new swimwear, which she wore to the New York City Marathon last week.

Gazanigasa, who was pregnant with her third child when she first wore the Tshirt, said she felt more comfortable wearing it while working, but the company wanted to make sure she had a different look.

“When I first wore it, I felt like my skin was so smooth, so I just wanted to show them that they were in control,” Grazanigasi said.

“And they could see that I was taking a break from the day.

So I thought that was cool and fun.”

Grazaniga said she and her husband had to make the decision to take the new bikini-style T-Shirt off after she had her baby, and the couple was hesitant to buy more T- shirts, but they decided to give it a try.

Grazinigas son, Josh, has also worn the T shirt.

The T- Shirt T-shirts are available for $50 on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and TJMaxx.

Gabbards first daughter Grace wore the first one at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Travis Barron/Getty ImagesThe new T shirt is available at Macy’s, Target and other retailers.

Gaggias daughter also wore it at the 2017 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Tyson Wahl/GettyImagesThe brand also has another new product launch on Thursday, featuring a new line of clothing designed by Gazzanna and her team.

The line, which includes maternity swimsuits and T-SHirts, will be available on the company’s website on Friday, June 11.

Gazzanie will be on-hand at the launch to show people the line, according to Gazzania.

“My family loves T-Tees, so the T Tee is really cool,” Gaggians daughter, Tessa, said.

Gather the rest of the family in the photo below.

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