When Asian girls in sexy swimsuits go viral, target girls swimsuit company says

AUSTRALIA’S biggest retailer has announced it is pulling ads from the popular popular social media platform targeting Asian girls and women in swimwear.

Key points:Target is banning its ads from trending topics, as well as the company’s own channels, for Asian girls from June 28 until July 8, 2018The move comes after an investigation found a series of offensive posts were posted on Instagram, and an apology from Target is forthcomingTarget has been the target of social media abuse in the past after it launched its own line of high-end swimwear last year.

Its adverts have been criticised for targeting Asian women and for being sexist, with the hashtag #TargetBlackGirls trending on Twitter.

The move follows an investigation into offensive posts made on Instagram.

It is understood a review found two Instagram accounts were used to post offensive comments, but the accounts were blocked and Target has since deleted the offending posts.

The hashtag #BlackGirlsSwimwear has been trending on the social media site, as users shared photos and videos of Asian girls wearing swimsuits and t-shirts.

The ads for Asian swimwear will be removed from trending hashtags including #blackgirlsswimwear, #blackswimsuits, #asianswimsuit and #asianswimwear.

In a statement, Target said it had taken steps to address the issue.

“We have removed our ads from Instagram and we have taken swift action to remove our advertising from other popular platforms, including our own channels and branded channels,” the company said.

“While we are disappointed that some of our advertising has been targeted, we believe that the ads are part of the product that Target is selling and are not our advertising.”

In the future, we will work closely with our partners to review the issue and ensure that we are able to continue to support Target’s mission and products.

“Target Australia said it was working with the company to ensure it could continue to sell products in its stores, while the company also apologised to those affected.

Target said it has not yet received a response to the complaint, which was made by a member of the public on social media.

The social media company has not confirmed if the ads were linked to a wider issue with inappropriate advertising in its community.