What to know about the new ‘juniors’ tankini

A brand new, expensive swimsuit from the Juniors Swimwear collection is set to hit the market.

The brand has teamed up with a local shop and is expected to sell out of the tankini in less than 24 hours.

According to the store’s website, the Junitors Swimwear tankini has been created to provide the ideal experience for those looking for a premium swimsuit.

“This swimsuit is the result of a collaboration between the brands’ creative team, who came up with the idea of a tankini that is more elegant than its predecessors,” the store stated.

“In a way, it looks like a new, more feminine version of the Junipers classic swimsuit line.”

The new suit is priced at $100.

“With its unique design, this is a piece of art, not just a swimsuit,” said Juniors director of marketing and brand marketing, Daniel Golan.

“You can’t find a better suit for women than this one.”

A similar swimsuit was also created in 2015 and sold out in just two days, and this summer, the company released a tankinis for men and women.