Swimsuit cover-up: The girls black swimsuits

Black women, black women, and black women swimsuits are a major source of sexual harassment and assault on campus.

The latest trend among the media is to promote the use of black swimwear, which has become a fashion statement for women in the country, especially among young women.

Yet, as The Atlantic reported, there is a growing push to ban the swimwear altogether.

As reported in this August 4, 2017, story, “The Daily Beast: ‘It’s time to make black swims’ — and ban the boys’ version,” the swimsuits “are a major part of the culture and have a profound effect on how young girls and women perceive themselves and their bodies.”

The “black swimsuit” has become an easy way to mock black women for their sexuality.

For instance, a video from 2016 depicts two young men wearing black swim shorts and black leggings, which is “like they’re wearing blackface,” according to BuzzFeed News.

A 2016 article in The New York Times claimed that the black swim suits are “the most offensive thing a black woman has ever done to her body.”

And as The Washington Post reported, a 2016 article about how women are treated by the media describes how the media has “stigmatized black women” and “treated them as objects.”