How to make a bikini swimsuit look like a bikini

I never thought I’d see a bikini-clad woman in a bikini, but it looks like I have.

The popular women’s apparel company, ZAful, has created the most basic bikini-like swimsuit to be worn by all women in its line of women’s underwear.

The company has released a photo of the new swimsuit, which has a shape that resembles a bib and a waist that’s long enough to cover a man’s chest, but not long enough that a woman can’t sit on top of it.

The brand is selling the bikini for $35 online, $60 in stores, or $70 online at select stores, such as Sephora and ZAfull.

I’m glad I can finally wear one!

The bikini was created by ZAmen in partnership with a small team of designers.

The idea is to create a swimsuit that feels like a real bib.

The designers were inspired by the style of swimsuits that were worn in Japan, including the “pump bikini,” which is the kind worn in the Philippines and Thailand.

ZAmens hopes to sell the bikini as a swimwear product in the U.S. in 2017.