Why ‘slim fit’ suits are ‘fashion killers’

The suits that are the most popular among the beachgoers have made for an uncomfortable swimwear trend.

The latest trend to get a makeover is slim fit suits, which are often seen as a way of keeping the body thinner, especially for older people.

They’re also a way to keep body weight under control, which is a big draw for younger beachgoers, especially as they are often paired with high-heeled shoes, says Anand Patil, a fashion designer based in Mumbai.

A slim fit suit is the perfect fit, because it doesn’t take much extra weight on the body, Patil says.

The suit is made of the same material as the ones you buy in a department store, but instead of a thick material like a suit jacket, a slim fit is made up of layers of cotton or polyester that stretch on the waist, legs and thighs.

The layers of material are designed to give the wearer an illusion of more of a silhouette and a less bulky shape.

The most popular slim fit styles include a chunky black suit and a more streamlined design, which has a lower cut, according to the New York-based brand I Love My Slim Fit.

The skinny suit trend has also gained popularity among the younger crowd, who are now looking to dress up with slim fit.

These slim fit dresses are also designed to be more feminine and have a more flattering silhouette.

They tend to have a smaller cut and a slightly higher waist, so the wearer is looking more like a slim figure, Pati says.

And, of course, the slim fit dress doesn’t have to be a dress, because slim fit makes for a fun casual look.

A recent survey of 3,000 beachgoers in Mumbai found that 70 percent of those who wear a slim suit said it was a way for them to feel confident and confident in their own body.

The survey also found that the slim suit trend is growing in popularity with men.

Women are also beginning to wear slim suits in recent years, especially women over 50.

Some experts say slim fit, which means being able to fit the body better, is a more modern way to dress.

And some people say the slim fits have made a comeback in the past few years because people are trying to find a more feminine silhouette, especially among younger women.

“It’s become a way that women can take their clothes off for a swim, because they’re no longer dressing up in a suit,” Patil said.

But while the slim suits may be a trend, it doesn�t mean you can’t find some good ones for your wardrobe.

Patil advises those who want to try a slim fitted suit to get as much help as possible.

He suggests that you wear the slim fitting suit for a long time and then go back to a traditional suit.

If you’re looking for a traditional fit suit, such as a black dress or dressy shirt, Patim says it’s best to opt for a slim cut.

And you can always buy a slim fitting dress or suit from the stores or online, Patill says.

“I have to tell you that slim fit has been a big trend for the last five years,” he said.