Why a toddler’s new bikini suit looks like a superhero’s costume

A new bikini designed to look like a super hero’s outfit may be the first in the world to get a makeover.

The body-hugging bikini is expected to be unveiled in March at the Shanghai International Fashion Week in China.

It’s the first of three planned swimwear collections for the event, which runs from March 19 to March 24.

The first collection is a black bikini with a black mesh top and black mesh bottoms.

It was inspired by superheroes Superman and Spider-Man, and features an interchangeable waistband and full-body skirt.

The next one is a silver-bladed bikini, which was designed to be similar to Spider-man’s suit from the comic book series.

It features a mesh skirt, a white mesh bikini top and a black band on the waistband.

The final collection is more of a traditional superhero swimsuit with a mesh bottom and a mesh top.

It has a mesh bikini bottom, mesh waistband, and a matching mesh top with a red mesh band.

The designs are designed by the designer of the famous superhero outfit Superman.

Its not known if the outfits will be available for purchase or to be worn in public.

The swimsuits will be sold for 1,000 yuan ($160) per pair.

The prices are not yet set.

The new swimsuits, which are also expected to make the rounds at international fashion shows, were designed by China’s Shenzhen-based Baidu Group, which also designed the Superman costume.

It took a similar design to the Superman suit to be adopted by the Japanese brand, J.C. Penney, which launched a similar black-and-white Superman costume in 2014.

Baidu has not yet announced how many people will buy the new swimwear.

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