What you need to know about the latest new moms in fitness and wellness

Walmart girls swimsuit.

Target swimsuits.

Alex Morgan swimsuit and lingerie.

Jessica Alba swimsuits and lingeries.

Target bikini.

Breezy Swimsuits. 

And finally, the newest addition to the list of momswear retailers is Target, which announced today it is introducing the newest in momswearing trend with the release of its new “Mom Swimsuit”.

Target launched the new “momswear” range on March 15th, 2018. 

Target Momswear will be available at select Walmart stores starting April 14th, 2019.

The new collection is available for pre-order now at Target.com and in stores through the company’s online store.

According to the announcement, the new line will include: “the mom bikini” featuring a sleek fit, soft-shell bikini fabric, a contoured back, and a removable back cover; “the mom tanktop” featuring an oversized top with a contour back, a molded waistband, and elasticized straps; and “the Mom Sling” featuring soft-shelled, molded elastic waistbands and straps with elasticized closures.

The new momswears will also include: a lightweight, comfortable, stretchy, high-impact swimsuit with a stretch mesh underarm mesh mesh fabric; a swimsuit that is both supportive and flexible for a relaxed fit; and a swimwear with mesh-covered waistbands.

To complement the new collection, Target will also launch the “Mom Swimming” collection for women ages 18-49 on April 14, 2019 at Target stores.

For those who are just getting into momswatches, the “mom” and “swimsuit” lines are part of a larger, five-year-old initiative, Target MomSwear. 

“Target has been the leader in momshading for a number of years, and we are proud to continue this trend with this collection,” said Tina S. Soto, Target’s chief merchandising officer.

“It’s a collection that is made to inspire confidence and confidence in your body.

It is a trend that is part of our mission to offer more value to moms and daughters by empowering them to wear what they love, when they want it and to do it with style and style and confidence.”

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