What to know about the new ‘Bikini Rule’

When it comes to swimming suits, the bikini is no longer the only way to show off.

New regulations for swimwear that come into effect in 2020 require a bikini top, swimsuit bottoms and swimwear shorts that are “fit to swim,” as well as a “suitable swimsuit.”

The new rules also apply to bathing suits and “bikini-like” swimwear.

Here are some key points about the rules.

The rules apply to all forms of clothing: Bikini, bathing and non-bikini clothing, including swimwear, must be “fit and reasonably appropriate for bathing or bathing attire.”

All types of swimwear must be properly adjusted.

The new rule also includes a list of the kinds of swimsuits that are and aren’t allowed.

Under this rule, “unfit” swimsuits may not be worn by anyone, including women.

“Bikini-Like” swimsuits, which have a “suit neckline,” “suit sleeves,” and “slit at waist” are not allowed.

These items do not include swimwear “with a waist belt or an over-the-shoulder swimsuit,” as long as they are not “wet.”

The rules also require that swimwear and bathing clothing have “good” padding, such as a waist band or a shoulder belt.

The rule also mandates that swimsuits with “tight” seams or “floppy sleeves” are required to be washed and “re-washed” at least twice a week.

While it may be tempting to wear a bikini bottom when you go to a spa or gym, the new rules prohibit the practice in the swimwear industry.

“The trend of women wearing bikini bottoms has created a false sense of safety for all women, including young women,” said Jessica Grosen, the executive director of the Swimsuit Advocacy Network.

“This rule will help protect the health of all women while also helping ensure that women are comfortable and have a safe experience at all times.”

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“It’s a little bit weird, but it’s not a big deal,” Groset said.

“I think we need to make it a little more complicated, so it’s easier to get used to.”

The old rules are still in place: In addition to the new regulations, the American Bar Association will issue guidance on the proper dress code for women’s and men’s swimwear starting on March 6.

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