Swimsuit Sale: Swimsuit Sale

A bikini and bikini swimsuit sale is underway in Vancouver this weekend, but one bikini-clad woman’s outfit will definitely be out of this world.

Kimberly Ann Smith is selling swimsuits for $250 each on Instagram, including swimsuits made from recycled plastic and fabric scraps.

Smith, who owns the online shop Swimsuits for Kids, said her business is a way to raise money for her two young daughters and provide clothes for the homeless.

“I wanted to sell my swimsuits to make a little bit of a difference for them,” she said.

“So I decided to start this business.

It’s a way for me to get clothes to kids.”

Smith is known for her quirky, fun style and her work with kids.

She is also known for creating the ‘Swimsuit for Kids’ project, which sells items that help children get fit and healthy.

The project includes clothes made from organic materials and recycled fabric scraps and sells for $60 a pop.

“Kids don’t need anything fancy.

They don’t have to have fancy clothes,” she explained.”

But the items that they do have they are made with recycled material.

So they are all pretty affordable.”

The items include swimwear, swim pads, swim trunks and swim trays, along with swim masks and swim gloves.

“When kids come to my shop, they can pick up a swimsuit and just go,” she added.

“They can get some kind of workout.

It is fun to see them happy and healthy.”

The swimsuit business has become something of a hobby for Smith, who says she’s noticed an uptick in sales.

“It’s a lot more fun to buy them than to have them in the wash, which is a lot of the time,” she joked.

“In some ways it is my own money, because I’m selling my own clothes.

But it’s also a way of helping kids in need.”

Smith said her goal is to raise $1,000 for the charity.

“Every dollar I make, I donate to them and the clothes I make are donated to the Salvation Army,” she revealed.

“If they need a swim suit, I can buy them one.”

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