How to wear a high neck swimwear

In the ocean, a high collar is an essential part of high-neck swimwear.

It’s a fashion statement and it makes you look confident.

Here’s how to get one on your neck.


Find a high-collar dress that doesn’t have too many buttons.

If you’re wearing a swimsuit with high-collared shirts, it’s often more comfortable to wear it with a short dress shirt.

Try one with a collar that fits around your neck, like a blazer, or a dress shirt with a high, round neckline.


Wear a swimwear that has the collar on the back.

If your swimwear doesn’t include a high corset or a collar, you can wear a dress with a back-sliding neckline and a high waistband.

This gives you a little more room between your neck and the bottom of your waist.


Find an item that has a high lapel, or collar, on one side.

This is the same as a high shirt.

If a swimdress with a front-sloping collar doesn’t fit right, find something with a lapel that runs horizontally.


Try a swim dress with the high neckline or collar on both sides.

This will give you a good look and make you look more confident.


Get a high bow tie or a bow tie with a little bit of padding.

This makes you stand out more and looks more feminine.