How to make a Donald Trump swimsuit in a bikini

Ivanka Trump swimwear designer Ivanka Trump recently released a swimsuit with a bikini body, but there’s one problem: it’s not actually Trump’s.

Instead, it’s made by a company called “Dovid,” a company owned by her brother Donald Trump Jr. In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Ivanka said that she started out making “big and bolder” swimwear for Ivanka’s brothers, but soon realized that she couldn’t make it work with her.

“I felt like it was not very flattering,” she said.

“But the truth is, we’re not going to make anything more flattering than what Ivanka has created, so we decided to go for something that wasn’t just an ordinary bikini.”

In an attempt to fix the problem, the pair took their inspiration from the popular swimwear line of fashion icon Gisele Bundchen.

“She has a really amazing, bold look that you just don’t see,” Ivanka said.

The result is a very different design than the traditional bikini-like bikini that the fashion house has released in the past.

The Trump sisters’ original concept for the swimwear is for a swimwear that is “really bold, it really looks like it’s going to be super bold,” she explained.

“It’s not going just to be something that’s just a big, bold piece.

We want to make it really bold.

We’re not looking for a bikini or a swim top or something that just is this little thing.”

Instead, the sisters are trying to make the swimsuit as “more of a signature piece, so that people think it’s their signature piece.”

The Trump family is not the only ones to take a bold approach with Ivanka’s brand.

The New York Times’ Rebecca Goldstein wrote that the brand “is embracing the power of branding and the new-fangled aesthetic of the Trump brand,” and that Ivanka has “embraced the power and the opportunity to show that she is not only a businesswoman but a woman who cares deeply about her brand and her family.”

While it may be difficult to find an actual version of Ivanka’s signature swimwear, it looks like the sisters have created a more luxurious version for the public that is also quite flattering.

“The original version of the swim suit is not really flattering to the body,” Ivanka explained.

Ivanka told the Times that she and her brothers decided to make this new version “more feminine and more femininely flattering.”

“We wanted to go a little bit bolder, a little more feminine, a lot more feminine.

And I think it worked,” she added.

“So I think people will be really excited to wear this.”

Ivanka’s brother Donald Jr. is known for his bold swimwear designs.

While the fashion brand has released a few other swimwear styles in the last few years, none of them have quite been as successful as the one that Ivanka and her siblings have created.

“They’ve really taken it to the next level,” Ivanka told Businessweek.

“You know, what you see now is very bold, they’ve done really bold things, and they’re just trying to build a brand around what they think of as a bold statement, and not just something that is just a bikini.”