Girl swims with giant tiger on a river

The girl who became the first person to swim with a giant tiger in China has become the first to survive in the wild.

A 17-year-old girl named Wang Zhonghua in the Guangdong province city of Hangzhou drowned when her swimming pool was hit by a truck on Monday.

A photo of the girl being rescued by a rescuer was shared on social media, with many people saying the girl is “shining”.

China has a tiger population of around 300,000 and experts say the country is on track to wipe out its tiger population by 2020.

A new tiger cub was born in Hangzhou, where Wang died, on Monday, local media reported.

The tiger cub is now being kept in a tiger park near Hangzhou.

“I’m very happy.

I have never seen a tiger in the forest before,” the girl’s father, Zhang Xiwu, told the Global Times, a state-run tabloid.”

It’s my first time swimming with a tiger and I have to say, I’m a happy man,” he added.

Wang Zhonghao, who is from the northeastern province of Shanxi, was a swimmer at a swimming pool in a nearby city.

She and her family have also been swimming in the river with the tiger cub, the Global Daily reported.

Her father, who was not identified, told local media that his daughter had been swimming at the river for more than a year.

“She was swimming alone and was always afraid of the tigers, so she often swims in the dark.

We were lucky she was safe,” Zhang said.

He said his daughter, who has no family, had never been attacked by a tiger before.WANG’S FAMILY ‘SHINES’ AFTER CAPE ACCIDENT