Brazilian bikini swimsuit sales soar to 2nd quarter of year in a row, according to new report

New research by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services finds that Brazilians are spending more on bikini swimwear and high waist swimsuits than they did in the previous quarter, with sales surging in the second quarter of the year.

In 2016, Brazilian women spent $10.1 billion on swimwear, according the U,S.

Census Bureau, up 8 percent from $9.4 billion in 2015.

But the year-over-year increase was largely due to the rise in popularity of bikini swim wear.

Brazilians purchased more than a billion swimwear items in the year that ended in March, according data from U.K.-based company Durex, up 22 percent from a year earlier.

In the second half of 2017, Brazilians bought $10 billion worth of swimwear in the U.

“In the first quarter of 2018, we will see the growth continue,” said DureX, the U-shaped global wear and accessories company.

“There is going to be a very big uptick in demand in the next three to four months.

And the growth will continue to accelerate.”

The data shows that women in Brazil are buying more bikini swimswimsuits, which are made from high-waisted, loose-fitting, lightweight fabrics, with the exception of low-waist swimwear.

“The high waists in the market have been trending,” said Cristiane Lopes, chief executive officer of Brazil’s Body and Fitness Group, a leading company that produces bikini swim suits and swimwear for the country.

“They are also getting much higher price tags than they were two years ago,” she said.

The high waism is often paired with a high-cut, wide-fronted swimsuit.

Lopes added that the increased popularity of swimsuits has created a demand for high-end, expensive swimwear.

“The trend is to buy expensive swimsuits.

You have to pay for them,” she added.

Brazilian women are spending about $30 per day on swimsuits according to the U., which represents about two-thirds of the country’s total expenditures.

But Lopes said that it was difficult to tell what the trends were and what the sales were.

“I don’t know what is going on, but I’m guessing there are not many things that are rising in the same time,” she told ABC News.

In 2017, Brazilian beachwear sales totaled $1.1 trillion, which was up 14 percent from the year before, according U.N. data.

But beachwear was up about 16 percent from 2016.

The U.A.E. also saw an increase in beachwear spending.

It rose 18 percent in 2017 to $8.3 billion, according Dure, a U.P.-based global marketer.

In 2018, it rose to $7.8 billion, up 14.5 percent from last year.

The second-quarter results are not as encouraging for Brazil.

Sales for beachwear increased by only 10 percent in the first two months of the fiscal year, according Reuters data.

The trend in beach wear is that more people are spending money on swimsuit purchases, and there are more women shopping for swimwear as well, according Toiv, who works at the firm that tracks consumer behavior.

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