When is Ivanka Trump’s swimsuit coming back?

Ivanka Trump has worn a swimsuit on the red carpet at a number of events since her father’s inauguration.

Here’s a look at some of the outfits.


New York Fashion Week: In late January, Ivanka Trump, dressed as the Duchess of Sussex, made her first appearance at the Fashion Week fashion show.

The first look was a red gown with a matching skirt, and she wore the same top and skirt combo that she wore during her husband’s inauguration as well as the first-ever black tie wedding.

At the time, she wore a black dress with a white satin ribbon and a matching floral patterned skirt.

A similar dress was worn by her husband Jared Kushner at the ceremony.


New Year’s Eve: During the New Year, Ivanka wore a red, black and gold gown as she made her way through Manhattan to celebrate the end of the year with her husband, Jared Kushner.

She wore a pink bodysuit and white gloves with matching socks.


First Lady Melania Trump: In January, Melania Trump wore a long gown with white shoes to a New Year celebration in Washington.

She was also seen at the inaugural ball in Washington wearing a matching red, white and black dress, a black and white skirt, black heels and matching heels.

She also wore white socks with matching heels to the event.


The Great Gatsby: In early February, the First Lady wore a gold dress and heels as she stood on a stage with her son Barron.

Barron Trump wore his own black dress for the occasion.


The Emmys: In February, First Lady Michelle Obama wore a white and gold dress with matching shoes for the Emmys.

She shared the stage with President Donald Trump for the first time and also gave the keynote address at the inauguration ceremony.

The dress and shoes were inspired by the designer of the gown worn by First Lady Clinton at the Emmy Awards.


The Oscars: At the Oscars in February, Melania wore a matching gown with matching boots and shoes for her acceptance speech.


First State Dinner: In April, Melania was seen at a New York state dinner celebrating the nation’s independence.


The White House: During her husband Donald Trump’s inauguration, the first lady wore a similar white dress with white heels and pink boots, and a black coat and a purple skirt for the ceremony at the White House.


The G20 Summit: In May, Melania made her New Year party debut with a red dress, matching shoes, white gloves and a white bow tie.

She appeared at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, wearing a black, white, gold and red skirt with a yellow trim and matching gloves.


Ivanka Trump on Instagram: On her official Instagram account, Ivanka made a statement about her first year of work with her father.


First lady Melania Trump’s First Official Appointment: In July, Melania appeared on The View and spoke about her experiences with her first official appointment.


First daughter Ivanka Trump: On February 7, Ivanka posted a photo of her husband and son Jared Kushner and said, “I am so proud of the progress we are making with our family.

My family is a wonderful, loving, supportive family, and we are living the life we want to live, with love, joy and respect.

The best of luck in your future.

I am proud of my family.”


First Ladies’ Day: On March 21, Ivanka announced that her father was joining her as First Lady.


The Presidents First Year: On April 12, President Donald J. Trump announced his decision to stay on the job and the White, White House, as First Ladies.


Trump and Barron’s First Day: Barron Trump attended the Whitehouse Easter Egg Roll on Easter Sunday, which included the president and first lady.


The First Lady’s Wedding: On May 26, Melania and Jared Kushner made their wedding day official by taking their wedding pictures with the president, first lady and First Lady at the Lincoln Memorial.


First Daughter Ivanka Trump Returns to White House for First Year at Trump Tower: In June, Ivanka tweeted that she was “going to stay at home and watch football with my boys,” but did not say if she would return to the WhiteHouse for her husband.


First Night: In August, First Daughter Trump wore her signature red and white dress to the premiere of The Apprentice, where she met Donald Trump Jr. for the last time.


First Year in the White HOUSE: First Daughter Melania Trump and First Daughter Sasha Barron attend the opening of the White Palace at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., on August 11, 2018.


First Mother’s Day: In September, Melania visited the White house to mark First Mother Valentines

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