How to dress like a ‘champ’

The latest fashion trend is a little more complicated than what you might think.

It’s the ‘chameleon’ approach to dressing, with a range of clothing styles ranging from the super-slim to the sheer and even the ultra-sexy.

For the first time ever, BBC News has been looking at the latest trends in chameleon style and how they might be a good way to look more chic.

Here are some of our favourites.

Boho chic: ‘Chameleon-inspired’ swimsuits The trend started in 2014 with a pair of white briefs that went for £1,100 on sale at the High Street.

They were so cute you could hardly believe you were buying them.

“The briefs are so comfortable, they look so modern, they are not overly formal,” says designer Katie Green.

“You’re able to wear it everyday, you don’t have to worry about it.

It gives you the freedom to do what you want to do with your body, without being limited by a specific style.”

But for many people this trend has now evolved into a new breed of swimwear, featuring colourful prints and vibrant colours.

These swimwear are not always the most flattering, but they are definitely not a new thing, and you can always find them on sale.

The chameleons: The skinny swimsuit ‘Chase’ The skinny, slim-fit swimsuit is gaining popularity as it allows you to fit into a wider range of styles.

“I’m a huge fan of skinny swimsuits, and there are loads of them out there,” says fashion photographer and blogger Michelle.

“They’re just so cute.

I’ve found they make you look younger, more youthful, and they also have a bit more comfort than the more formal, more traditional models.”

These skinny swimwear come in various sizes and fabrics, from colourful to cotton.

“There are loads, lots of skinny models out there, and I’ve never seen a skinny model in a swimsuit before,” says Michelle.

‘Champagne chamelles’: ‘Champ’ dresses This is a new trend, and it seems to have taken off with the release of Chameleon Couture’s latest collection in 2015.

Chameleonic couture dresses feature colourful prints on fabric, and come in a range from chunky chunky, to the more simple.

“It’s a way of expressing your style without necessarily looking like you’re trying to be trendy,” says blogger and fashion photographer Tessa.

“For example, I like chamelee couture, and when I look at it I’m like ‘Oh my god, this is perfect’.

You can’t go wrong with a chamelette dress, it’s super flattering and flattering.

You can go for a traditional dress, or go for something more glamorous.”

Chamelez-vous chameles: ‘Cheeky’ suits This trend is gaining traction, with designers using colour, patterns and fabric to add a touch of style to their looks.

For example, fashion photographer Jessica Smith is known for her eye-catching chamelez suits, which have a colourful pattern on the waistband.

“My favorite chamelet suits are the ones that are cheeky, and that is my style,” she says.

“Chameleoni are usually very cute and cute and girly, and if you can pull it off you’re going to look fantastic.

I think it’s great that there are so many styles to choose from.”

The chameelones: The chamois and chamostress “Chamos” and “Champes” are two of the most common ‘chamois’ styles.

These dresses are made of silk, with fabric on the inside, which is then finished off with a satin ribbon and a skirt.

The skirt also adds a little sparkle.

“The chamos are the perfect way to express yourself,” says Jessica.

“Not a lot of guys wear chamons because it looks too girly or too much of a boho thing.”

“The champs have that same appeal, but it’s definitely more tailored,” says Tessa, “you can have the dress that is your favourite dress from the day, but also look at something that’s a little bit more casual and more like you want that little bit of sophistication.”

‘Cheek-like’ trousers “Dresses with the chamomile are super sexy and flattering, and make you feel like you’ve just fallen in love with your legs,” says author and fashion blogger Charlotte.

“Dressmakers like to combine colours and textures to give it that perfect cheekiness, so it’s really sexy.”

These trousers come in colours ranging from red to yellow and are made from cotton and stretchy material.

“A chamo is one of the best chamis ever, it has a little touch of colour

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