A new ‘daddy’s girl’ bikini line from the kaley cuomo brand

A new “daddy” swimwear line is going on sale at Kaley Cuoco’s flagship store in Manhattan.

“Kaley Cuomo is the new Daddy,” a sign outside the store reads.

The line is available in both men’s and women’s styles.

Kaley cuocos “dads” wear the signature style that has made it synonymous with the brand.

The company is known for its “baby-daddy look,” which is inspired by dads and daughters.

The collection includes a baby-daddies, daddy’s, daddy shorts, daddy boots and daddy shorts.

The line also includes a pair of khaki daddy shorts that look like they could have been worn by a boy in high school.

The lines debut Friday.

The kaley cuccos baby-dad and daddy bikini line is designed by photographer, and former model, Kim Kale.