‘What I Learned from Being a ‘Star’ in the ‘Swimsuit Sex’ Scene

With the release of ‘Swimsuit Sex,’ a new sex scene from ‘Hulu’s ‘Sophie’s Choice,’ it seems fitting to look back on some of the more surprising lessons learned from that movie.

First, in the sex scene, we see the young, beautiful actress, Sophie (Katherine Heigl), being seduced by her co-star, starlet Nicky (Kristen Bell), and her boyfriend, James (Ryan Reynolds), who plays her coochie-loving dad.

“You gotta watch the video,” Nicky tells her, while giving her a hug.

“It’s very sexy.”

Then there’s the kissing scene, in which Nicky and James kiss each other.

The scene ends with them both leaving the hotel together, only to be interrupted by Sophie’s parents, who are in a car with her.

“Where you going?” she asks, and she’s soon joined by James, who has a gun in his hand.

After the kissing, Sophie has a heart attack.

“That was a tough scene,” Sheigl tells EW.

“We didn’t know if she would survive.”

Afterward, the pair walk out of the hotel and Sophie, who’s in a wheelchair, goes into the car, where she’s surrounded by the press.

“I remember it very vividly,” she says.

“And it was like, ‘Wow, what did I do?'”

After a few days, she gets a call from a producer.

“He said, ‘You need to come back in the next day or two and we’ll get a shot of you,'” Sheigl recalls.

“My heart just dropped.

It was so, so weird.”

She’s right.

The new ‘Sofia the First’ is out June 23, and after a week of filming, the two-part, 20-minute-long ‘Saffron’ episode, featuring Nicky, James, and Sophie kissing, is shot and edited.

“Sophia has always been this character that I thought would go on to be so interesting,” Shegli says.

“‘I love Sophie, but what do I do?’

I’m not sure I know her very well, so I think that was the beginning of what we call ‘the power play’ and how the camera moves, and how we move.”

She adds, “I think that she really did get this weird vibe from that scene and it’s really cool to see that.”

It’s a scene that Sheigl says will be repeated in ‘Safari’s’ ‘Swimming’ season, which opens July 17.

“In ‘Swimmers,’ there’s a moment when Nicky is kissing Sophie,” Shegis says.

“[But] she’s not kissed until after the kiss, so they’re not in the same place and she doesn’t know what she’s going to do next.”

In a previous interview, Sheigl told EW that she’s “always a big fan of the ‘Sphie’ movies.”

“I’m definitely one of the original ‘Saphies,'” she said.

“She’s just a fun character to play, and I really love playing her.”

Shegis admits she’s been disappointed by the lack of female nudity in the new series.

“One of the things I love about ‘Sopranos,’ especially ‘The Sopranos’ is that it’s so much about a lot of women being so empowered in a lot more ways than in ‘Hands of Stone,'” she says, noting that the character of Sophie, played by Kate Beckinsale, is “much more empowering.”

“Sopanos is the ultimate example of how women have been portrayed in a way that is really empowering, and it is really refreshing to see how much more nuanced and complicated they are in that series,” Shego says.

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