The ‘Shapewears’ Swimwear Collection from Zoya is an all-over-the-top swimsuit collection that makes you look like a queen

A collection of fashion-forward swimwear featuring the designs of fashion icon, fashionista and current beauty queen, Beyonce, will be released by Zoya in the United States and Australia.

In the U.S., the collection will be available in sizes from XS to XXL and will be exclusively available through Zoya’s online store.

In Australia, the collection is scheduled to be released in January, while the UK and Ireland are also expected to see their first Zoya releases in March.

The collection will include a range of top-notch styles, including the full-length black swimwear with a white, tulle-covered zipper, which is a bold statement to the women’s aesthetic.

The ‘Zoya Black Swimsuit’ is also available in an exclusive white/blue, with a blue, tulley-covered ‘Z’ on the bottom.

The brand has also released a collection of all-new ‘Boomerang’ collections in the past year.

While the brand previously released a range called ‘Black Boomers’, which featured a collection called ‘Bubbler’ and a range dubbed ‘Bubble Boomerangs’, the new ‘Boolies’ collection is a new trend that’s set to become popular in 2017.

The new ‘Zosas’ range includes the collection ‘Bliss’, which features the black bikini top, black bikini shorts, and a black swim skirt with a black ‘Z’.

The ‘Boo Boomers’ collection features the Black Boomers bikini top with a matching black bikini skirt with ‘Boos’ on top, and the ‘Zones’ collection also includes a black, tullee-covered bikini with a pink ‘Z’, along with a pair of black sandals.

The ‘Boa Boomerang’ collection includes a range including a black bikini with black-colored laces, as well as a black bodysuit, a black leather-covered swimsuit top with the words ‘Bozo’ printed on the back and a brown, tully-covered, ‘Zoo’ printed along the front, as seen above.

Zoya has also launched a ‘Zooms’ collection, which will be launching in 2017, which features a black-clad black bikini, a matching top and a matching bodysuits with ‘Zoos’ printed in black.

Zoya has not released an exact release date for the ‘Bongo Boomerans’, but has teased it will be a full-on collection.

The brands new ‘Shop’ collections are all set to hit the stores later this year, with the collection of Zoya products set to be available at select Zoya stores.

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