Taylor Swift’s ‘Aerie Swimsuits’ Is Just the Latest in the ’50s Collection of Classic Brands

taylor swifts swimsuit collection is out, so we’re taking a look at the other brand’s line of classic swimwear, a look that includes a classic bikinis, bathing suits, and more.

The brand launched the collection back in March, but it wasn’t until May that the new collection was unveiled to the public.

“We’re excited to introduce our next collection to our collection, the Aerie Collection,” a spokesperson for the brand said at the time.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best, timeless swimwear available, and this is a prime example of that.

We’re also excited to bring back a range of our timeless swimsuits for women that we’ve enjoyed creating over the past decade.

Our collection is available at the Aeries boutique in Los Angeles, and we’re happy to share more details about the collection as it becomes available.”

The collection includes a range that includes the Classic Bikinis from Aerie and a number of other brands including Swimwear and Swimsuits.

(Photo: Taylor Swift) The brand has also introduced a collection of swimwear from its namesake, Taylor Swift, that includes bikini and bikini top options, swimwear that is inspired by the fashion icon’s outfits from her career.

The collection is currently available for purchase at the boutique.

“With the launch of this collection, we’re proud to bring our iconic Aerie brand back to the world,” the spokesperson added.

“Aerie is an icon in the swimwear industry, and our collection will help us celebrate the legacy of this iconic brand with our new collections and special events.”

The Aerie Swimwear collection includes swimwear for women who are in the middle of their swimwear career.

It includes a bikini top from Aries, a swimsuit with a bikiness inspired by Aries swimwear silhouette, and a swimwear with a simple floral print.

The Aries Swimwear Collection is available for pre-order through Aeries on May 18, with the collection expected to release in July.

(Read: How to Get the New Taylor Swift Swimwear.)

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