Taylor Swift: “We Have To Get More Of This” Swimsuit Style, Says Taylor

Time Magazine’s Taylor Swift took to Twitter to respond to a tweet by a woman who said she was inspired to wear a swimsuit because of the singer’s daughter, Taystee.

The response came from one of Swift’s most popular tweeps, Taysta.

“Hey @taysta, I love your swimsuit,” Swift responded.

“But I just got my daughter in the swimsuit and I don’t want her to feel like I’m wearing it, and I just don’t feel comfortable wearing it,” Swift added.

Swift’s response was retweeted more than 3,500 times and liked more than 300 times.

She’s also made a point to be more public about her daughter’s swimsuit choices in the past, tweeting last year that she wears a lot of swimsuits because “you know, I am a very active mom.”

Swift, who has three daughters, has also been very vocal about how her daughter has grown up.

“She is the first girl who wears a swim suit to the prom.

The first girl in the prom who wears swim suits to school,” Swift said during a radio interview last year.

“I think that makes a big difference for the way girls talk to one another.

And I think it makes a huge difference for girls to have someone to talk to, and to be able to talk about it and say, ‘I have to be comfortable wearing that.’

I feel like it’s just a very different way to interact and to interact.”

Taylor Swift’s son Taystay was in the same class as Swift’s daughter and the two often socialize together.

Swift told Us Weekly in 2016 that she and Taysta spend most of their time together when she’s not working.

Taylor is also the first daughter of Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

She is a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump.

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