How to Dress to Stay Healthy at the Summer Olympics

High leg swimsuits are a must-have accessory for athletes and anyone looking to get fit for the Olympics.

From swimming trunks to sports bras, these swimwear accessories will keep you cool and fit for a long day.

Check out our infographic for tips on how to style your swimsuit to look your best.


A High-Leg Swimsuit (Sleek) If you’re looking for something more casual, we recommend a high-leg swimsuit.

It looks great with jeans or shorts and provides plenty of room for your legs.

For the beach or for swimming, we suggest a swim trunks with long sleeves, a long-sleeved tank top and high-heeled pumps.


A Swim Trunks (Sporty) These are great for beach, and especially for athletes, but we recommend the high-top swim trunk for swimming.

It provides ample room for the legs and provides a great contrast to the shorts.


Swim Trunk (High-Heeled) These trunks are great to wear on a day-to-day basis, and are a great way to show off your swimwear and look professional.

These are a nice option for sports or outdoor activities, and can also be worn for swim training.


High-Heel Swim Suit (Sportsy) A sports swimsuit can be worn with jeans and shorts for sports events.

It’s more casual than a high leg.

The high-hinge design helps keep your feet warm and helps keep you dry.


Swim Pants (Sport) A swim pant is great for casual activities, but it can also make a great workout or workout gear accessory.

It has a lot of pockets, so it’s also a great option for swimming or for workout wear.


Swim Top (Sport,Sport,Sports) These swimtop and sports swim top are perfect for swim events and can be great for athletes who want to look their best for a competitive swim event.

If you want something more athletic, try the sports bra.


Swim Shoes (Sport and Sports) These sports shoes are great options for athletes looking to be a bit more sporty.

They can be a good option for running, biking or swimming, but they also have a lot more options for athletic activities like swimming.


Swim Trousers (Sport or Sport) These sportswear accessories are great if you want to wear them for a day or two, but also for a swim or a workout.

They’re great for swimming in the ocean, or for going out to dinner in the city.


Swim Shirt (Sport), Swim Shorts (Sport)) These swimwear swimwear options are great in sports.

They have lots of pockets and are great with denim or shorts.

They also have great options in casual wear, so you can wear them in everyday life.


Swim Boots (Sport).

These sports boots are great during the summer months and are ideal for walking, jogging, biking, swimming or running.

They are comfortable to wear and can easily be worn without socks or a jacket.


Swim Shirts (Sport.

Sport, Sport.

Sport) These high-waisted swimwear shirts are great choices for swimwear.

They offer plenty of legroom and can wear for all types of activities, including swimming.


Swim Socks (SportSuit) These swimming socks can also go well with other sports swimwear, including track shorts.

If it’s the summer and you’re interested in wearing them in summer sports, consider going for a high top.


Swim Underwear (Sport Swimwear) Swimwear undergarments and swimwear jackets can also look great in the summer.

These swim undergarment options can be stylish for a sportswomen, as well as athletic wear.


Swim Suit Pants (Sport Swimwear, Sport Swimwear), Swim Pants, Swim Shoes (Sport Suit) This range of swimwear can be an option for athletes at any time.

They work well with sports swimsuits, as long as they’re a bit lower than a swim suit, and they’re comfortable to have on your legs while swimming.


Swim Scarf (Sport Sport, Sport Sport) If a swimscar is not a great choice for you, you can try this swimscar scarf.

It can be used in all types in a swimwear or athletic setting.


Swim Gloves (Sport Sports) The gloves for athletes are an important part of any swimwear set.

These can be sportswearing accessories or sportswears that have been designed to help athletes feel their best.

These gloves have lots more pockets than swimwear gloves and are perfect to wear during exercise or workouts.


Swim Bra (Sport swimwear) Bra cups are great and easy to find in a sports bra, but if you need something more sportswinging, you might consider a swim bra.


Swim Goggles (

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