How ‘Punk’ Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Are Back to Pose in the ‘Kim’s All-American’ Swimsuit

Kendall Jenner has been getting some attention lately for the way she dresses and her hair.

Now it looks like Kim has another hit in the works as well.

In a recent Instagram post, Kendall posted a picture of herself and her friends, posing in a swimsuit with the caption, “Happy #HappyHappySaturday.”

It looks like the Kendall Jenner look will be a major hit on Instagram.

The pictures have already racked up more than 11 million likes.

The Kendall Jenner Instagram account has been flooded with fans, with more than 2 million followers.

Kendall also released a video for the look, which includes the caption “I’m not going to lie, I was nervous when I first saw the photo, but I was excited and honored when I got to meet you.”

Kendall also posted a photo of her friends posing in the suit and the caption,”All for you, my friends.

I’m back.”

Kim Kardashian West is reportedly planning on releasing a new look for her, which is currently in the design phase.

The Kardashian family’s fashion empire, which was founded in 1984, is currently worth an estimated $3 billion.

In addition to the fashion line, Kim Kardashian has released two albums and a clothing line.

The new look will likely be announced this fall.

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