How to make a little girl swimsuit with a kohl eye mask – by laurie benson – How to Make a Little Girl Swimsuit with A Kohl Eye Mask – by Laurie Benson, The Huffington Post, 10 June 2018

Little girls’ swimsuits are a staple of the Summer Olympics and the Games are no exception.

A few decades ago, women’s swimwear was more exclusive, with some models sporting a “kohl eye” mask.

But that has changed, with the introduction of swimwear featuring more eye-catching elements.

One such trend is the kohl-eye mask, or eye mask.

Here’s how to make one that suits your little girl.


First, make your eyeshadow in the shade of pink.

Make sure you use the right shade of eyeshadows and you need to find the shade closest to your skin tone, such as a shade closer to your browline.

The bigger the pupil, the bigger the kohlrab.

Make it look like your eyes are bulging out.


Add a couple of eyes in the centre of the mask to create a kohl eye shape.

The easiest way to do this is to make your eye sockets a little bigger and more rounded, which will give you a more dramatic eye shape, while keeping the pupil size small.


Create a gradient to accentuate the kolm eye shape in the outer edges of the dress.

Create more of a “charm” with a gradient on the inner edges of your dress, like this one.

Make the edges of it darker to emphasise the eye shape and accentuate your kohls pupil.


Finish with a few layers of blush and make a highlight of a korra, the star of a Chinese fairy tale.

Use a few shades of lavender and pink to create this highlight.


Add an extra layer of a bright blue for a sparkle and sparkle.

You can also add a little sparkle to the edges with some sparkles in the inner corners.


If you don’t have any other makeup, go for the pink eye shadow and a small blush to create an even more dramatic effect.

The final look is going to look very dramatic and the colour will stand out in a crowd.

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