American Eagle swimsuit to be made in Italy

The American Eagle Swimsuit is to be manufactured in Italy.

The company is planning to make the swimsuit for women with the aim of increasing sales and making it more popular.

The Italian market is currently one of the fastest growing, with sales up 10 per cent on last year and a record of more than 50 million euros ($52.2 million).

The number of women who wear the swimwear increased by 50 per cent last year, the company said.

The swimwear is the latest in a long line of American Eagle products to be created in Italy, which was a key market for the company in recent years. 

Italian marketWatching the US market in the United States, I have to say that there’s a certain aspect that’s been overlooked by the American public.

The American brand has been really successful in Italy in terms of the way it has marketed itself to Italian women, and has succeeded in the Italian market.

There’s a very clear connection between American brands and Italy. 

The American brand is very well known for its American Eagle brand, which is the most recognizable brand of American sporting goods.

The company has been successful in the US, but has struggled to grow in Italy because of the very strict rules that govern the Italian retail market. 

In Italy, you need a minimum of two sales, one in every two sales. 

And in terms – in the American market, that’s just a very, very difficult situation to achieve. 

For instance, the American Eagle is not sold on a daily basis.

There is a requirement that you have to be present in the store for at least two hours every day, and if you don’t then you are not allowed to buy. 

You also need to have a minimum number of customers.

In Italy, that means you have three to five times as many customers, and you have a higher margin on the products, because the prices are higher. 

It is very difficult to develop in Italy American Eagle swimsuits.

I think that the American brand really wants to do a good job of growing in Italy and making Italian products, and that’s something that is very important. 

I think that American Eagle has had success in Italy as a brand.

I know for a fact that the Italian consumers love the American flag.

They know American Eagle.

They love the fact that they have American Eagle clothing. 

 Italy is a very important market for American brands.

It is one of those markets that is growing at a phenomenal rate. 

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