When it comes to girls swimsuits and the latest trends, Walmart says it’s all about fashion, not style

The company says it wants to be the best seller for its swimwear line, and it’s getting serious about marketing it.

It says it will roll out a new line of clothing for women that it calls “girls” in July. 

Its first new line, for women 18 to 35, is a women’s suit, which is made from soft-shell merino wool.

The company plans to sell a range of women’s and boys’ swimsuits for men, women, and children.

Walmart says its first new girls’ swimwear is expected to debut in July and will go on sale for $150.

The new line is the latest step in Walmart’s push to diversify its women’s wear portfolio. 

In April, the company announced plans to make the first women’s swimsuit line for men.

The first line of men’s swimsuits will be released later this year.

Walmart will sell both men’s and women’s styles, but it will offer a range for men’s as well. 

Walmart is also taking a hard line on men’s size.

The brand said it was “moving beyond the standard size” to focus on “larger, more aggressive sizing.”

The new range of men swimsuits is the largest yet. 

The new “size-action” line will feature men’s shirts that are 2.25 inches (5.2 cm) wider and a “larged” fit that can be worn with or without pants. 

This “size action” range of clothes will go up to men’s sizes 7.5 to 9.5, and will cost $150, or about $30 more than the women’s range. 

 The company said that in the past few months, it’s added about 1,500 new women’s items to its store.

Walmart said it’s also adding “fashion-forward” items that will be on sale later this month. 

“We’re constantly looking to make a difference,” said Paula Deen, Walmart’s vice president of merchandising.

“That’s why we’re expanding our reach with more than 200 new women-focused apparel, swimwear and accessories.” 

Walmarts new “girls-only” line includes two suits for men and two suits, a dress for women, for boys. 

Dress shirts, tights, and leggings will be available as well as “glamorous” options such as “casual” suits. 

For men, Walmart will also offer a women-only line, which will be $50, or $50 more than its men’s line.

Walmart is also rolling out a range to women for men that will go from $90 to $130. 

Last year, Walmart made headlines for offering women’s size options. 

A Walmart spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal that the company wanted to be “the best seller” for its women line. 

But it’s important to note that Walmart is not a fashion retailer.

Rather, it sells clothing for use in stores.

Walmart has said that women are a large part of its retail business and its women-oriented apparel is intended to appeal to a broader range of shoppers.

Walmart isn’t the first company to add women’s clothing to its clothing offerings.

In April, Walmart added a women dress range to its online store.